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Monday, May 26, 2008

10 Things To Know About Increasing Your Metabolism

This is a refresher for me ;-)

1) Drink more water
2) Eat smaller meals more frequently
3) Eat breakfast
4) Build muscle mass
5) Do aerobic exercise
6) Get adequate sleep
7) Reduce stress in your life
8) Eat fresh fruit and vegetables
9) Eat low fat, lean protein
10) Eat spicy foods


Monday, May 5, 2008

10 Things To Know About Travelling To The US

Viva Las Vegas!!!

1) Even though you're driving across the border, you might still need your passport. The border guard asked for our driver's licenses and birth certificates, and when we didn't have both, he asked for passports. I wasn't expecting this, and my "one sec, please" while I dug around in my bag prompted him to step out of his booth and ask my hubby to roll down our car window. All was well in the end as we're law abiding folk and weren't up to anything...

2) If you're afraid of flying (as I am) and need to be alcoholically medicated to avoid mass anxiety, order more than one at a time from the flight attendant. They're kinda busy and working in cramped quarters and might not get back to you quickly.

3) White Zinfandel is awesome for turbulence. Not for the pilot though.

4) Still under the category of fear of flying: ignore your well meaning hubby when he talks about how cool the cloud's shadows on the ground look from cruising altitude.

5) Check the weather forecast of your destination before you leave home. This is a great tip offered by a friend of mine, and had I not done this, we Canadians would be over dressed and melting in Nevada at the moment.

6) As much as you want to, you cannot take the palm trees home with you!

7) Compose these posts when you actually have time to finish...




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