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Sunday, April 13, 2008

10 Things to Know About Blogging and Copyright

I'm new at blogging, so I found this topic really useful (and important!).

1) Anything that is published is protected by copyright, whether there is a copyright notice or not.

2) Don't cut and paste - instead, use a direct link to the article you're referring to. This is a "lesser of two evils" approach, which enables the creators to maintain their control over access, while allowing their advertisers continued exposure. It also allows the author of the source site to change their content and not be misquoted.

3) Public domain material is available for use (public domain usually begins after a specified time period after the death of the composer/author. This time period can vary from country to country).

4) Short quotations are considered "fair use" only if they're used in an editorial way (as in, not commercial, but instead for the relaying of information).

5) Explicit permission from the copyright holder is what is required to cut and paste from their site (in other words, even if you credit your source, you're still in violation if you haven't gotten permission).

6) An idea or fact itself is not covered by copyright; what is covered is the way that idea or fact is expressed.

7) Titles and names are not covered by copyright.

8) Distinctive phrases can have trademark protection (as opposed to copyright) depending on how they are used.

9) Creative commons is a variation of copyright which allows for less restrictive protection of works to allow for easier growth and sharing (see cc search page).

10) You don't have to register your work to be protected by copyright, but it does make your case stronger if you ever have to go to court.


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