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Sunday, June 22, 2008

10 Things To Try For Itch Relief

I've always been itch prone, so I have some experience in this area. Here are some things to try (and good luck :-)

1) ice (my personal favourite - it's immediate, completely free of side effects, and free ;-)
2) baking soda (make a paste with water and apply, or add some to a bath)
3) vinegar (either full strength or mix with water - caution: although it stops itch in its tracks, it stings cut skin, so only use it full strength if you haven't started scratching yet)
4) aloe vera
5) Benadryl (taken orally; liquid works faster)
6) garlic clove (rubbed on ...haven't tried it myself, but I keep hearing about it)
7) calamine lotion
8) Vicks vapo rub (another one I haven't tried yet but keep hearing about)
9) witch hazel
10) chamomile essential Oil


Sharon J said...

We always kept an Aloe Vera plant when the kids were little. Great for stings and burns. I have one now but luckily haven't had to use it for a long time :)

Jeanne said...

Aloe vera is awesome :-) I find the basic things work the best - as in, aloe vera straight from the plant is better than a lotion that contains it.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I had the worst tummy itch imaginable. Not even the prescription strength anti-itch cream my doc gave me worked... then one day I tried ice, and it was like magic (if I'd thought of it sooner I would have saved myself a lot of misery!)

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

I just found your blogs through a comment you left me and can't wait to come back later (When I am not tired) and read more! You've got lots of interesting things here!

Jeanne said...

Barbara, thanks for visiting my blogs - I hope you enjoy reading them :-)

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