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Monday, November 17, 2008

10 Things To Know About Having A C-Section

I've had two C-sections, so I just thought I'd share (for those out there heading into one for the first time):

1) You WILL feel normal again eventually, so if you feel like you've been hit by a train, don't panic.

2) The sooner you get up and move around, the sooner your bowels will begin working again after the anaesthetic.

3) The sooner your bowels begin working again, the sooner they will let you eat something other than green jello and clear broth (yum).

4) No your abdomen will NOT split open if you simply try and walk (although it might if you tried sit ups or gymnastics ;-)

5) This is important, and no one told me this: C-sections can delay your milk, but it will STILL COME. Any nurse who tells you otherwise (I had one) should NOT be working in maternity.

6) It is possible to have almost no scar. I'm not so lucky, but I have friends who are (and yet they're still my friends ;-)

7) Sleep makes a big difference in how you feel post-op. I know this sounds obvious, but I wouldn't let myself sleep because I was too wrapped up in my new baby :-) My nurse (a better one than the one who told me I might not get milk) finally had to give me a sleeping pill after four days (my Mom was there to watch the baby so I was ok with it). When I awoke I felt like A MILLION DOLLARS.

8) Ask if you can video tape. I never bothered, assuming they'd say no, and then heard of friends being able to after. I would have loved to have seen the surgery on tape.

9) Baby will be much prettier (no smunched head) but may have fluid in lungs (no trip down the birth canal to squeeze it out).

10) It won't hurt to pee!!!!

Good luck and have fun (and congrats :-)

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