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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The 12th Thing To Know About Breastfeeding...

Ohhh... I can't believe I left this one off my last post!! It made the world of difference to me:

12) Take prenatal classes that cover breastfeeding. We did a program that had about 10 classes. All the rest of the info we covered was interesting, but I could have lived without it. The class on breastfeeding, however, was critical to my success because there are very specific ways to get the baby to latch that are tricky to figure out on your own.

Good luck!
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Doula Lauren said...

I see you found me through Ladybanana! Thanks for coming by my blog. I hardly pick up the comments. :( I'll try to be more attentive. I hope you'll continue to find value in the posts at

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